Inspirational Speaker


Unscripted & Unforgettable

Bold and engaging, I am a strategic architect with more than two decades experience working in the financial sector as a business leader. My distinct perspective as a refugee and a resourceful self-starter intersects with my business acumen, resulting in a funny, relatable, and inspirational speaker who can help companies hone their corporate climates for survival in the long term and help individuals discover their passions.

Career Architect


Transformative & Deliberate

Whether you’re contemplating a major career change or the universe hits you over the head with an unexpected curveball, I will be your advisor through the next phase so you can be the star of your own life.

I am the connector. Whether you’re looking to reinvent yourself in your career or need support and advice to think through your next move, I can help you navigate the often unwieldy marketplace with critical thinking, careful strategizing, and the expansion of your network. Whether you need help re-thinking your goals or a resume overhaul, I can offer thoughtful and logistical insights.

Business Strategist


Visionary Leadership

bold and inclusive climates that embrace individuality and creativity result in strong ROI. The bottom line: Diversity makes money. I help empower leaders and organizations as they endeavor to differentiate themselves from their competition in the marketplace. I consult with corporations to provide the vision and execution strategy to build sustainable business.